Engraving vs Printing

Both methods have their advantages over the other.

crystal decanter engravedEngraving is physically a more expensive process and pricing reflects this. Generally engraving promotes the premium impression of higher quality and is considered permanent and indellible. Once engraved, no amount of washing will ever wear it off.

Todays sophisticated technologies give us the ability to engrave photos to a remarkable standard creating very unusual gifts. Engraving is often prefered for higher value gifts where affordability is secondary to the objective.


stella artois special glass

Printing is a lower cost method of marking products and is perfect for business logos and volume giftware where budgets are of primary importance. Our four colour block printing technologies are excellent and provide robust, long lasting printed products that are ideal for promotions, beer festivals and events.

Perhaps less often used for higher budget giftware except where colour logos are of primary importance.

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